About House Of The Future

House of the Future in Johannesburg and Garden of the Future in Cape Town are two events, initiated by the Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria and the Consulate General in Cape Town, following the principles of #cocreateSA.

This long-term campaign was born in 2014, based on the belief that by joining Dutch and South African forces in business, government and education, we can achieve innovative solutions for local challenges. It has become a platform that brings together Dutch and South African counterparts to exchange innovations for a sustainable future. Through the #cocreateSA Fund, we have been able to kickstart 14 Dutch-South African projects in 2014 and 2015. We hope, with House of the Future, to be able to kickstart many more.

House of the Future
The events of House of the Future are taking place during the official visit of Dutch PM Rutte, Minister of Agriculture van Dam and the economic trade mission in November 2015 and will revolve around the question: how can we #cocreateSA? With the aim to grow political, economic and cultural relations between South Africa and The Netherlands, the focus is on the 5 key industries: agrifood & horticulture, transport & Logistics, health, energy and water.

Holistic approach
House of the Future and Garden of the Future capture Holland’s unique business proposition, that is the Dutch holistic way of working: inventive, pragmatic, cross sectors disciplines and result-driven. The focus will be on education and entrepreneurship as the most important pillars to ensure economic growth: from there, vision and innovation form the base for development of pioneering ideas and businesses.

Economic & sustainable opportunities
The events will show that industrial crossovers between South Africa and the Netherlands provide economic opportunities that leave a legacy on different levels: they are not only financially successful but create jobs, and improve people’s lives in a sustainable way, too.

We believe that if we work together, we can make a difference and co-create solutions for a better tomorrow.