Treating Inflammation With CBD Oil For Humans and Animals

With growing age, one undergoes various bodily changes which include impairment of health. There may be diseases that are caused due to unavoidable or traceable reasons but there are a few where the underlying symptom is inflammation of organs, tissues internally or externally. Some of such health ailments include arthritis, skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema, chronic pain, asthma, autoimmune disorders, rheumatic fever and more. Though there are many over the counter oral medication and topical ointments available to treat these extremely painful conditions, one that has been topping with almost instantaneous and jaw-dropping results is CBD oil. When brought to comparison with n number of medicines, CBD oil managed to defeat each with remarkable improvement in a fraction of the time as observed by clinical pathologists and researchers.

Ditch All Your Inflammatory Bodily Issues with CBD Oil

CBD oil is a medicinal oil that is extracted from an extremely potent compound of the cannabis plant, named cannabinoid. A cannabinoid is a phenomenal portion of the cannabis plant that has been recorded to have countless health benefits. Cannabinoids have exceptional properties that justify the effective improvement it brings such as it is anti-inflammatory. As internal/external inflammation is a symptom of more or less each health ailment, CBD oil has proved to bring relief in each associated health problem.

There are two forms of inflammation that occur in the human body, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is referred to as a repairing action of the body where a part(s) of the body swells up to repair itself due to some external hit. Acute inflammation lasts for a short span of time, like hours or days, unlike chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the kind that is long lasting may not go away till treated appropriately. Chronic inflammation is usually a result of autoimmune or other forms of diseases.

How Does CBD Oil Treat Inflammation In Humans and Animals?

The human body has two types of receptors floating in the nervous system, immune system and skin, namely CB1 and CB2. These receptors are responsible for absorption of cannabinoids in the CBD oil and transferring its effect for treatment. These receptors are not restricted to the blood barriers but also treat the target area directly in some cases. CBD oil works in sync with to suppress the inflammatory symptoms and improve the health condition. Let’s learn how it works for some inflammatory diseases now.

  • Oxidative stress-related inflammation: Our body is automated and instructed to fight free pathogens and repair any tissue damage when caused. But in case of excessive or unresolved oxidative stress, there may be very high chances of organ damage and dysfunction. In this case, the CBD receptors are promising agents for treatment. The disorders and diseases that come with oxidative stress are type 1 and type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome etc.


  • Colitis/ Crohn’s disease: It has been observed that many intestinal tracts suffer from inflammation during colitis. CBD oil, in this case, helps in calming the inflammation through the activation and functioning of CB1. It regulates tissue response for the inflammation I colon and also alleviates cytokines. This assures that the inflammation relief extending by the CBD oil is miraculous in the case of colonic inflammation as well. Crohn’s disease is one of the most painful diseases that inflates and inflames the bowel tract badly. It starts with inflammation in the mouth and moves down to till the digestive tract in just no time. CBD oil is considered helpful in treating Crohn’s disease. The cannabinoids in the treatment of this disease have been witnessed to heal the wound and reduce the inflammation in the digestive tract at a much faster rate than other medications that come with their own set of side effects.

cbd oil for humans and animals

CBD Oil For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis is caused when the tissue of the joint is affected. This damaged and attacked tissues are responsible for causing inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis when at the inflammatory stage can also be extremely painful as it further attacks the cartilage, tissue lining and increases the chances of deforming of joints. CBD oil is proved to help in this condition due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The topical application of CBD oil helps in reducing the inflammation caused by gout arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory arthritis types. CBD oil has been a chart-topper for treating arthritis and its different kinds. It also lessens the discomfort and pain associated with the disease quicker than other medicines and topical applications available.

CBD Oil For Dogs

Mentioning the above regarding treating rheumatoid arthritis, reminded me of the story I had read regarding a man using CBD oil for his Dachshund and successfully treating it to the point where the dog is now able to go for walks, jump on the couch and do other activities that it was not able to do in the past. There are certainly a lot of people out there at the moment who are using CBD oil for dogs to treat many different ailments that their animals might be experiencing. One of the most predominant reasons by far is using CBD oil to treat anxiety in their animals.

Treating Skin Allergies

Skin allergies and disorder: there are a number of skin allergies and immune oriented skin diseases that start with inflammation as their main symptom namely eczema and psoriasis. These skin conditions are impeccably proven to be treated well by CBD oil. The anti-inflammatory and cell proliferating property of CBD oil is trusted to treat the skin problems effectively. CBD oil when applied topically onto the target area gets absorbed by the CBD receptors and dictates the growth and death of new cells in the body. This, in turn, reduces the accumulation of dead cells and thus, the inflammation is reduced. Likewise, CBD oil helps to decrease the skin inflammation caused due to any allergens or more.

These are not just the only health disorders that can be treated with CBD oil effectively. CBD oil is a wondrous medicinal potion, the demand for which has skyrocketed like none other product. Though the legalization of CBD oil is still debated and argued about, the effects of this oil are adding pages of benefits and evidence in its favour with each study and survey. CBD oil is now available with authorized sellers and dealers to be used for medicinal purpose. CBD oil can now reduce the inflammatory conditions that you or loved ones are going through.

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