It is ‪#‎HouseoftheFuture‬ Energy-Days!

Energy is one of our 5 top sectors represented in House of the Future. 10 Energy sessions will be organized and at least 27 Dutch energy companies and knowledge institutes will come to South Africa to be part of House of the Future!

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In the future jet planes will be fuelled by tobacco. Sounds unbelievable? Believe it, because the future is now. In House of the Future, experts from the Netherlands and South Africa will offer exciting and practical solutions to the world’s growing energy demand.

The Netherlands is a global leader in offshore wind energy, biomass processing and greenhouse farming. At the same time South Africa has vast renewable energy resources and an exemplary programme to source more energy from independent power producers.  There is significant  benefit to be derived from cooperation in this field – both in technology and knowledge transfer as well as in exploring new market segments.

Check the program for House of the Future and decide which energy workshops/seminars/topics you don’t want to miss! For example, how can we turn the energy world from top down to bottom up? Find out at House of the Future. Take part in the Waste Transformers Workshop and learn how you can include a small scale waste-to-energy transformer in your business. Or see Renewable Energy from an Investor’s perspective. Go off the grid! The options are endless and there truly is something for everyone.