The Netherlands and South Africa: A Water Partnership That Flows Both Ways

You are invited to the House of the Future where battle lines will be drawn to fight the War on Leaks! High level industry experts will discuss and set the path for creative cooperation on water, for the next ten years or more.

As a small country partly below sea level, the Netherlands has faced the dual challenge of keeping out salt water while also managing its fresh water supply for centuries. To say that the Dutch have extensive expertise with water management would be no exaggeration. South Africa’s water battles are of course a little different. It is a water scarce country that requires strategic management of its resources. Our exact challenges might differ but the ultimate goal of providing access to safe water and decent sanitation for all is a shared goal.

With this aim in mind, South Africa and the Netherlands already have a long standing water partnership. The Dutch and South African regional water authorities for instance regularly swap experiences while examples of private sector cooperation include innovations in water treatment and smart metering.
Visitors to House of the Future interested in the Water Sector will be spoiled for choice! Explore the Programme for more details.